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Unique’s “Sino” is a more intimate look at his life

Unique’s “Sino” is a more intimate look at his life

Let’s start our Sunday with something bittersweet and melancholic. How about Unique’sSino” music video?

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The long wait is now over. Directed by O/C Records’ honcho Kean Cipriano, “Sino” follows Unique as he does seemingly mundane tasks while spending alone time in an abandoned building. It maintains Unique’s consistent monochrome aesthetic. But out of all the music videos, this one felt more intimate as the young singer/songwriter breaks the fourth wall, singing directly to his viewers. 

Did we get you excited and curious on how “Sino” plays out? Hit the play button below and watch the MV for yourself. For the next MV, I really want to see what he’ll do with “OZONE.” 

Still from “Sino” by Unique


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