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This is Glaiza De Castro’s pick-me-up playlist

This is Glaiza De Castro’s pick-me-up playlist

When you hear the name Glaiza De Castro, a number of words can come to mind. She’s a singer, with a sizeable number of albums and teleserye theme song singles under her belt. She’s also an actress, with critically acclaimed lead role performances from TV to the big screen. She’s also an entrepreneur, with a travel agency of her own that plays right into her love of exploration.

With all that on Glaiza’s plate, the word “how?” might also come up. How does she stay on top of her game on low-energy days? She must get them, right? Well, one of many things that can lift any person up is a good set of songs, so we asked Glaiza for her pick-me-up playlist. Check out her answers below.

Some of these are old favourites, some newly discovered that I kept repeating first time I listened to it 🙂

I like to particularly sing “Memory,” “Wanderer,” and SZA’s “Love Galore.” Still figuring out how the melody goes (ang dami kasing kulot lol) ’cause it helps me get rid of my anxieties and relaxes me.

“Wanli,” “Bubblin,” “Sober,” “Every Other Freckle” make me feel enthusiastic and pumps me up so I listen to it before a work out or when I need to feel more awake.

“Rising Water” and “West Coast” give me the feels. A bit nostalgic, perfect for roadtrips while I think about life lol.

“Culture of Fear” empowers me mainly cause of the message. Especially in this crazy world that we live in.

If you want to listen to this on the go (we know we do!), here’s a Spotify playlist. No need to thank us, thank Glaiza instead.

Photo from Glaiza De Castro (@glaizaredux on Instagram)



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