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Listen to Virgil Abloh’s self-isolation playlist

Listen to Virgil Abloh’s self-isolation playlist

On the nth day of no human contact, some people in self-quarantine have done a variety of things. We’ve listened to radio stations in Greenland. We’ve scared ourselves to insomnia. We’ve jammed to the Cardi B coronavirus remix enough that you can hear it playing on our eardrums if you come close enough (no, don’t). Now, here’s another offering to bless your ears in these trying times: a playlist curated by Virgil Abloh himself.

Prior to being the Off-White founder and Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director, Abloh was a DJ. “I always have music playing in the background of pretty much everything I do,” he said to Vogue. And just as us folks who are hunkered down working, he has the perfect playlist to churn out productivity. The 17-track mix includes hits and lesser-known tracks from jazz legend Miles Davis, rapper Jay Electronica and composer Arthur Verocai.

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“This is the latest batch of what I’m listening to,” he explains. “Much like my art and design practice, my musical tastes know no boundaries; they don’t fit nicely within any box. The songs are just as varied in their genre-less thinking as I am.”

Take some of Virgil Abloh’s inspiration by checking out the playlist below:

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