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Introducing Angkas Food, the delivery service that gives all proceeds to drivers

Introducing Angkas Food, the delivery service that gives all proceeds to drivers

Heads up, folks in self-quarantine. There’s a new delivery service in town and one with a familiar name: Angkas.

Since Angkas paused operations due to the temporary suspension of passenger services last Mar. 15, the motorcycle taxi app has been pretty vocal about taking care of their bikers who rely on the service for their daily income. Just a few days ago, Angkas has called for donations to help “Kuya/Ate Angkas bikers” for their families’ groceries and medicine. And now, the app has thought up a new solution with their brand new food delivery service.

“Delivering food isn’t our expertise. Madaming mas magaling diyan. Nakiki-epal lang kami, pero gagawin namin ito para may pagkakitaan ng pera ’yung mga biker namin kahit [paano], at sa kagustuhan din namin tumulong magdala ng mga pangangailangan ng ating komunidad na naka-quarantine,” their post reads. “Wala kaming commission na kukunin dito, lahat ito ay para sa mga Angkas biker.”

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Yep, you read that right. All delivery fees will go directly to the biker. They’re open to serving food right at your doorstep from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with a fee of P60 at a three-kilometer radius. They’ll also implement a no-touch service, which means that the biker will leave the items on the seat of the bike or on your doorstep.

For a list of their partner restaurants, check out their A+ Google Slides “~*MENU*~” named “Ano maganda title,” because Angkas has two passions: 1) Helping out their bikers and 2) graphic design. Mad props to you, Angkas.

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