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You can now book a stay at Godric’s Hollow from ‘Harry Potter’

You can now book a stay at Godric’s Hollow from ‘Harry Potter’

Gather ’round at Godric’s Hollow, Potterheads. For those who’ve read and watched “Deathly Hallows,” this iconic location reached infamy as Harry Potter’s pre-Dursley home, and where Voldemort eventually Avada Kedavra’d Harry’s parents (spoiler alert?). Now, you too can live the ghosts of his past by booking a stay at “Godric’s Hollow.”

Situated in the village of Lavenham, England, the lot known as the De Vere House is now available for nightly reservations on Airbnb. The house isn’t a stranger to opening its doors for temporary lodging, as the De Vere stood as a former a five-star bed and breakfast. It has then been remodeled as a two-bedroom home with en-suite bathrooms, complete with your usual Airbnb amenities. And yes, there’s Wi-Fi.

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The house is also accessible to other shooting locations for “Potter,” as well as several museums and a medieval church. Rest assured there won’t be any more attacks from Voldemort and giant snakes, so I may just book my ticket to Lavenham stat.


Photo from Jane of Airbnb


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