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Here are 500 QR codes for your custom ‘Animal Crossing’ needs

Gamers in quarantine are now looking at “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for solace. And one of the coolest features in this game is its customizable content. Imagine “The Sims” mod features but for your games fluent in animalese. We can make our own pixel art, clothes and furniture as well; accessible through QR codes. 

It’s a good thing someone blessed us with 500 QR codes for peak AC experience. 

YoutubeNerdAttack posted a video containing QR codes of custom content. In their collection, players can get stuff from video game faves like “Ace Attorney,” “Zelda,” “Fallout,” “Final Fantasy” and even Disney characters. This pixel system enables gamers to create almost anything they set their minds on too.

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This QR system is lifted off “Animal Crossing: New Leaf.” With these custom content, it enhances the AC experience by not only fostering a community within gamers, but also encouraging us to be more creative with the game. 

In the AC subreddit, they disclosed how to user QR codes for “Animal Crossing.” It’s a simple fact sheet where it answers download instructions, a guide to creating pixel art for the game, and more useful tips for players out there. 

Check out the 500 codes YoutubeNerdAttack collected below:

Still from “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”


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