8-bitfiction is starting a ‘pirate TV channel’ for Filipino creatives on Twitch

If you don’t know yet, 8-bitfiction is a well-loved group of creatives known all over the internet for their nostalgic pixel art. Having developed a wide following online (thanks to the unstoppable Tumblr users and stan Twitter) since their formation in 2010, the group surprised fans of their movement after revealing their Filipino heritage through a tweet opposing the recent controversial Marcos burial.

The group’s been more open about Filipino matters since then, but have remained anonymous still. Now, they’re taking a stand for local creatives in Manila and starting an exciting new platform for artists to showcase their talent. Called Channel 8, 8-bitfiction is working with Twitch.tv on this ‘pirate TV channel online that makes art, promotes art, plays games, and will be a place to inspire and feature local young artists and gamers, all while having fun and being paid properly.”

See 8-bitfiction’s full statement here:

Head over to this link to see what they’ve got in store for Channel 8 this coming October 15. Who knows? If you’re a creative based in Manila, you may just find your place there, friend.

Image from 8-bitfiction