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Anti-Morning Blues: The Scout Pump-Up Playlist

Anti-Morning Blues: The Scout Pump-Up Playlist

You’ve already had a preview when you saw these playlists on print in our latest issue, but the full set of each playlist is right here. Whether you’re heading to the club or fighting the drowsiness the morning after, we’ve got what you need.Working out or working? We got you.

Each member of the Scout team compiled their own specially curated playlist for different situations, but all bound by one word: hype. Hype to keep you up, hype to keep you going, hype to make you feel like one tough cookie who’s ready to take on what’s next with confidence. It doesn’t necessarily mean all bangers, but you’re guaranteed to get the blood pumping when you put these Spotify playlists on blast. True enough, We’ve got all bases covered. Have a listen at our playlist that will get you on that morning rush:

Anti-Morning Blues
by DENISE FERNANDEZ, editorial assistant, @denibeans



So, are you up or nah? Let us know what you think of the playlist by tweeting us at @scoutmagph.


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