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The 5 Stories You Need To Read This Week (11/26/16)

The 5 Stories You Need To Read This Week (11/26/16)

If you weren’t all up on our social media accounts (which you should, @scoutmagph on IG, Twitter, and Snapchat) you missed out on our best stories this week. Here they are again, just for you.

  • A Quick Recap of Kanye West Going Off the Deep End” — ‘Ye has been having a bad week last week, and after news earlier this week that he’d been hospitalized, it’s now clear to us that there’s something not right with Yeezus. Hope you get better, Kanye.
  • Sen. Risa Hontiveros Files Bills For #EveryWoman” — Misogyny is still unfortunately very systemic, whether it’s by mere schoolboys or people disagreeing with Marcos protesters or congressmen, and especially online. Senator Hontiveros has taken the first legal step to put a stop to this.
  • November 18, In Their Own Words” — November 18, the date of the Ninja Marcos Burial, sparked an immediate movement of dissatisfaction across the entire city. We talk to some people from our generation, some of them going to a rally for the first time, and get their thoughts and experiences.
  • This App Tells You When the MRT Is Full” — A very, very important survival tool for the Manila commuter.
  • Quick Tips On Protecting Your Social Media Accounts” — There’s a hacking scare going around right now, and while all signs point to it being relatively harmless, you can’t go wrong being safe and locking your accounts down.

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