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What Does It Take To Be A Barkada?

What Does It Take To Be A Barkada?

The word “barkada” isn’t thrown around much these days, but—forgive the cliche—‘90s kids know this word by heart. Since our much, much younger days we meet people all the time: classmates, teachers, relatives, and playmates. But there are people who stick with you long after you meet them, and they eventually become part of your social circle. The people who form your circle closest to you are your barkada.

All it takes to make a barkada is a moment. It could be in an afternoon chasing the sunset, or a day trip at a museum, or even a late night hangout at the local park. And no matter where you and your friends end up the days after you’ll still be tied together because of the memories you had during that time—your barkada moment.

So what’s yours? If you’re having a hard time remembering or if you’re itching for a good barkada hangout like the old days, it’s time to go out again.


This February 4, 2017, San Miguel Flavored Beer invites all soon-to-be and long-time barkadas to the SMFBU Fun Fair Ng Barkada at Globe Circuit Events Grounds, Makati. It’s the event specifically made to create your barkada moment. Just take a look at what’s in store: daytime fireworks, giant beer pong, a mini trampoline, wacky obstacle run inflatables, an agawan base (not agawan baes) Zorb Ball, a Breakout escape room challenge, a beer swing, a dizzy maze, human tic tac toe, and classic school fair booths.

And what’s a fair without any jams? Bands from your local schools, dance groups, and guest DJs are on deck to keep the afternoon alive.  And who else but Silent Sanctuary and Up Dharma Down to take the stage and take the fun to the next level?

So breathe, take a sip of San Miguel Flavored Beer, and soak in the vibe at the SMFBU Fun Fair Ng Barkada this February 4 at the Globe Circuit Events Grounds, Makati City. Who knows, your barkada crush and you might just have your kilig moment. See you there!

Visit San Miguel Flavored Beer on Facebook and the official SMFBU Fun Fair Ng Barkada event page for more details.


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