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Pride is arriving on the shores of ‘Animal Crossing’

Pride is arriving on the shores of ‘Animal Crossing’

Social distancing won’t stop the fight for equal rights, henny. In fact, the Pride movement is making virtual history next week by holding the first-ever worldwide Pride parade in “Animal Crossing: New Horizon.”

Global Pride, in partnership with media company We Are Social, is throwing the virtual event on June 27. The team is building a Pride island, complete with custom flags, outfits and furniture. They also encourage everyone to design their island accordingly for the event.

We Are Social innovations director Arnaud Robin tells Forbes that aside from being able to socially distance, the online Pride parade also gives people who were formerly afraid to join a physical parade the chance to join safely. “There was a thriving LGBTI+ community on Animal Crossing already, so it was the perfect opportunity for this to happen,” says Robin.

“Animal Crossing” players are already sharing their custom Pride outfits under the hashtag #GlobalPrideCrossing. If you’re keen to prep your virtual ‘fit, you know where to find the QR codes.

For more information on the event, you can head over to Global Pride Crossing’s Twitter page.

Still from Global Pride Crossing’s trailer

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