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All About The Scout x Proudrace Collection

All About The Scout x Proudrace Collection

You’ve seen Nadine (the Nadine Lustre, yes) wearing a shirt with the “in Scout we trust” print. Your interest has piqued; you want to know where it’s from. Well, here’s the news, so put the word out there: we made our own capsule collection in collaboration with local label Proudrace, and that tee is going to be for sale very soon along with other designs. We call it the Scout X Proudrace “Trust” Collection.

We’ve had our forays into clothing in the past (remember this limited edition baseball shirt? Good times), but this is our first time to produce our own collection. A milestone really, but it’s been up in the air for a while and we’ve finally decided to push through this year. And who else to help us produce it but Proudrace?

Founded by Patrick Bondoc and Rik Rasos, Proudrace is a Manila-based contemporary fashion label that begun way back 2010. Their collections over the years have pushed boundaries and experimented with trends to make it their own, but what we have observed and appreciate is their ties to their youth.



“When we were approached by Scout for the collaboration, we did not hesitate to do it,” Rik Rasos shares when asked what the collab meant for Proudrace. “We were on board from day one. We love the idea of a magazine evolving into a fully-realized brand. We’ve always been interested with youth culture, and this is a great machine for us to spread the brands lifestyle to a wider audience.”

In Rik’s own words, he calls the collection as  “very tongue-in-cheek,” and shares how the collaboration translated to the designs, saying, “We just want to keep the youthful vibe of Scout Magazine and incorporate it to our aesthetics. We were inspired by retro silhouettes of university merchandise and we just gave it a contemporary re-construction.”

We’re so excited to share the Scout x Proudrace “Trust” Collection with you as soon as we can. Follow us on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram at @scoutmagph for some teasers  to whet your appetite. All in time.

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