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Scout Friday Picks: Renzo Magnaye

Scout Friday Picks: Renzo Magnaye

It’s another Friday, and we know a lot of you have got different things to do, places to be, and parties to hit up tonight. Go have all your fun while you can, but when the time comes for you to go home, whether you’re driving (safely and sober, we hope) or commuting through the cold night, you’re gonna want some tunes to match your pensive trip. For this week’s Friday Picks, 99.5 Play FM DJ Renzo Magnaye likes going home that late, so naturally he put together a playlist of mood music for a late night drive.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die — “Blank #9”
“This band, aside from being the hardest to search for, also is my favorite from recent years. You could check out their amazing music from Harmlessness or their spoken word project Between Bodies, but the opening track on their second album Whenever, if ever has me missing people I’ve never met, places I’ve never been to. they accomplish this without a single word spoken. I’m amazed & emotional every single time.”
Autotelic – “Hanap”

“My personal favorite album of the year comes from Autotelic. Listen to “Papunta Pabalik,” please. Other favorites include “Languyin” and “Misteryoso,” but “Hanap” fits my late night drive home alone playlist better than the others.”
Into It. Over It. — “Your Lasting Image,” “Old Lace & Ivory”

“These two songs, “Your Lasting Image” and “Old Lace & Ivory,” come from my favorite songwriter of all time, Evan Weiss and his solo project Into It. Over It. Listen to these two songs. Cry a lot. Wonder how it’s possible that someone can compose music and lyrics this beautifully, then listen to the rest of his albums. You’re welcome.”
As always, here’s the full playlist on Spotify:



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