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The Quasi-Wednesday Collab Puts Youth Perspectives On Thread

The Quasi-Wednesday Collab Puts Youth Perspectives On Thread

Clothing brands Quasi- and Wednesday link up for a capsule collection entitled “No Cruel Intentions,” and the release is not only a look at what young creatives are occupying themselves with these days, but also a reflection on the two brands’ ideals.

Quasi- is an offshoot project from the persons responsible for media outfit FIN (Fractal Individual Needs). “We wanted something to represent ourselves,” shares FIN co-founder Earl Roxas. “Since we’re from different cultures (Skate, Fixie & Photography), [Quasi- and FIN] are platforms for us to share our ideas for the culture.

Wednesday is an up-and-coming clothing brand that has been consistently dropping releases, with each collection ending up sold out.

Wednesday’s Raniel Moraleta and Quasi-‘s Earl Roxas began their collaboration with the phrase “no cruel intentions,” based on some personal insights. “In a society of people who fear to trust, there are people who have good intentions,” Raniel explains. “You don’t say “good” because they’ll misinterpret it as “beneficial for you”. Such a paranoid society. We don’t help, we’re bad. We do help, we’re bad.” With that in mind, the shirt designs — an eye and an illustration of a young woman — represent these frustrations of a toxic society.

A little high-minded, for sure, but it pays to know that these shirt designs are well thought out. One thing’s for sure: don’t underestimate the youth.

The collection features two shirt designs that come in four different colors: Loadem, Black, Pastel Yellow, Canary Yellow.

Take a look at the lookbook video here:

And their lookbook below:

The collection will be available tomorrow, February 28, online through the Quasi- and Wednesday Facebook pages.

Photographer: @rxserl
Muse: @cath_victoriano



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