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We kick off this year’s Campus Tour strong at UP Diliman

We kick off this year’s Campus Tour strong at UP Diliman

Every year brings a new set of Scout Campus Tours to your local colleges and universities, and this year, we set the bar high once again with 2017’s first leg at the University of the Philippines Diliman last Friday, March 31.

Where the Campus Tours of previous years were booth-driven university events that were stocked full of things for students to do, this year saw a revamped and reformatted version of the lakads after acads. We wanted more straight up hanging out, more knowledge from both the Scout team and friends they brought that the students soaked in, a lot more art to go around, and the fun part: bigger and better musical performances. We wanted you to have some serious fun without too much of the red tape.

The Scout Campus Tour in UP was, first and foremost, pretty much a place where students could just chill with friends if they didn’t have classes. There were card and tabletop games ready for them to play with, as well as giant Jenga and tic-tac-toe boards to have fun in. For those who also wanted a shot to sit with us, members of the team were also available to entertain internship applications. Pioneer Adhesives also helped bring out students’ inner artists by holding creative workshops on making paper bead bracelets and button murals.

We were there to do more than that, though—Scout editor in chief Romeo Moran, art director Grace de Luna, and editorial assistant Lex Celera also spoke about the magazine, talking about how it’s put together, how the brand’s look has changed over the years, and how it comes across online and on social media. Aside from that, writing and art students were treated to a taste of their passions as artist Laura Abejo of the UP College of Fine Arts held a short art therapy session, and Inquirer SUPER editor Pam Pastor discussed the reality of writing professionally.

Of course, the day was topped by electrifying tunes. UP’s very own UP Music Circle provided three talented acts to jam with us: acoustic singers Alexia Sumilang and Seresa, and post-rock trio Hollowburn. Scout friends Jensen and the Flips main-evented the evening the only way they could do it.

The Scout x UP Campus Tour was made possible with the partnership of the UP Writers Club, Pioneer Mighty Bond, and media partners DZUP, Maroon FM, Inquirer SUPER, and Bandwagon PH.


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