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Look at these travel-friendly snacks that won’t make you feel guilty

Look at these travel-friendly snacks that won’t make you feel guilty

You know how when you’re on an out-of-town trip the car is always stocked with lots of different food? When the trip takes long sometimes you just find yourself flicking the bottom of the bag of chips for those last crumbs (which are arguably, the tastiest), and then popping a new one ’cause it’s only been an hour and your butt will be stuck to the seat for the next six hours or so. Can we get any more gross?

Aside from the music, food seems to be the only way people can stay up and amped before the destination is reached. Since our hunger for a little chichirya can’t be helped, we find out the better travel-friendly options out there that don’t make you feel guilty when you finish one bag in one sitting. Take a look.



Honest Junk Zooper Cookies and Super Gummies

Low in sugar, dairy-free, gluten-free, and fat-free: grab a handful and eat this junk down with no remorse whatsoever. The gummies come in flavor like guava and calamansi, while the cookies are made with chia seeds, coconut oil, and malunggay. Just don’t forget to share.

Yumearth organic lollipops from Healthy Options

A classic when looking for healthier options. Made with organic flavors and organic evaporated cane juice. Your five-year-old sibling won’t know the difference.

Down To Earth kale chips

You know how they say you can’t only have just one chip? The same can be said for these kale chips, which are very, very crunchy and tasty. Send us a lot of these and we’ll munch on these chips idly.

Down To Earth mini fruit

Bite-sized greens that are so addicting. TBH it does look a little weird but you won’t forget it once you’ve had a taste.

Founding Farmers veggie crisps

Veggies for a snack never tasted so good. Comes in a resealable package and all the veggies inside are 100% gluten-free vegetable chips. Just try it. You won’t regret it one bit.

Coco Dolce milk chocolates from Echostore

These chocolates are total art–from the packaging to the actual chocolate bar. These chocolates are made from low-glycemic organic coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil, rice crisps, and fine cacao beans all from Mindanao.

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