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Scout Friday Picks: Hana ACBD

Scout Friday Picks: Hana ACBD

The sun is way up in the sky and we can all feel the heat. Where the heck is the wind? We could bust out our bikes and cruise along the roads with our shorts and t-shirts if only the wind was strong enough to break away from all this sun. I mean we have the music…like Hana ACBD’s.

The thing about Hana ACBD’s music is that almost each song she puts out feels like putting your head on a soft pillow: relaxing, calm, maybe even a little bit breezy. It feels exactly like the good kind of summer we could have.

Ever since her debut EP, 2013’s Hana, Hana ACBD’s catchy romanticized vocals and electronic-influenced beats have caught many ears. She’s currently based in the United States since last year, but that hasn’t stopped her from creating music. Earlier this year she released her Shortcomings EP which indicated a step in a new direction for the young musician. Maybe the California vibes has caught up with her.

We ask her what her songs for the summer are. Take a look:

1. Little Dragon – “High”

This song is very versatile when it comes to setting a mood. It can be great for walks, biking by the beach or winding down at night. I mostly listen to ‘High’ when I walk around the city.

2. Colouring – “About You”

I’m not much of a dancer. I enjoy a little prancing and bopping here and there, so naturally the songs I like require minimal movement, like this one.

3. Aquilo – Calling Me

“Calling Me” is so calming. I put on my earphones and listen to this while walking around. It pairs so well with the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. Kimbra – Cameo Lover ( Shook Remix)

Shook’s remixes have always been my favorite! But his remix of Cameo lover is my old favorite. I love how fun it is.

5. Bronson Scott – “Bankin”

I met Bronson in a show where we both performed. His music and style really resonates with the California culture and I was hooked right away. This is my favorite from him.

6. Amine – “Caroline”

This song is my guilty pleasure. It’s so catchy! I really like the live version he did on Jimmy Fallon, especially the last verse he sang.

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