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The independent women are at Komura; on May 18


Attention to the public: Warehouse Eight is about to become ground zero for independent female creators.

This May 18, the annual Komura; Book Fair is coming back to provide a space for independent creators. For this year’s edition, all the performers, authors, creators (and even robots!) are women.

If you haven’t been before, Komura; is more than just a book fair. It’s an avenue to showcase and discuss all forms of storytelling, which is why there will be film screenings and video game playthroughs and solidarity meetups, all to turn this into an immersive experience for fair goers.

Aside from the books and merch that you can take home with you, there will be pocket events that you won’t want to miss. After all, this is a one-day-only gig.

For talks, there is A Curated Shelf which will be on children’s literature, the Solidarity Meetup which will be a discussion on feminism in publishing and the household, and the GameDev Meetup which is for all the ladies in the video game industry. There will also be the Feminist Cinema screenings which will happen after-hours and will include a talkback with the all-female filmmakers. If you’re interested, make sure to sign up first!

In numbers, there will be 10 video game makers, 14 merchants, over eight speakers, and three musicians that are all women. Them plus many, many more really. (More info on that here!) Have you ever been in a room with so many diverse female creators? We know. It’s quite the rare occasion, and you’re cordially invited to the gathering.

We’ll see you on May 18 at Warehouse Eight on La Fuerza, Makati. Doors open at 11 a.m. and stay open til 11 p.m; don’t wait up!

Photo from Komura; Book Fair 2019



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