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Scout Friday Picks: youngsleepyboi

Scout Friday Picks: youngsleepyboi

youngsleepyboi’s music is what his name implies: relaxing, spaced-out beats that rides your mood like a wave. Moe Cabral, a.k.a. youngsleepyboi, is a producer helming the internet-born sound of intersecting genres and general mono no aware music. Youngsleepyboi is one of the members of duo Manila Tea Gang, internet music squad Pixel Collective, Filipino vaporwave group Virtual Barangay, and abyssal internet beasts/record label NOFACE RECORD$ (which we featured in our latest issue).

So imagine this: it’s Friday night and the city is wide awake. The streets are bursting with people finding their own little pocket of fun to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. Neon signs paint the cityscape, and live music is piercing through closed doors and tinted windows.

But you’re top in your apartment building, standing on the balcony of your apartment,  and you can see it all. The music from below is faint and the light casts a large shadow behind you. It starts to rain. What’s the perfect music to listen to at that very moment?


With that in mind, we asked youngsleepyboi to make the playlist to those Friday nights alone.

1. HOME – “Resonance”

“This song sets the mood if you’re just like scrolling through Tumblr or Facebook looking for aesthetic pictures and videos.”

2. College & Electric Youth – “A Real Hero”

“The song has all the feels, happy or sad.”

3. in love with a ghost – “flowers” (feat. nori)

“A good song to cry to if you’re feeling down *crying face emoji*”

4. jinsang – soltitude

“Lo-fi hip hop is always a good idea for a lonely Friday night.”

5. sam ysa x ~ s o h e e – “i don’t care, god is hare”

“A little chill song from the best local artists.”

6. Asch – “Ashes to Ashes”

“Jam yourself to this if you’re kinda feeling upbeat for the night.”

7. slutgirl – “maybe”

“Maybe it’s the drugs, or maybe it’s the kisses?”

Listen to youngsleepyboi’s latest tape, Nights With You, here:



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