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If you’ve ever wanted to be a K-Pop trainee, now’s your chance

If you’ve ever wanted to be a K-Pop trainee, now’s your chance

Who doesn’t have the fantasy to be a K-Pop idol? The stylish clothes, the chance to travel, and the opportunity to perform for thousands of adoring fans…I’d definitely sign up for that.

 Well, it turns out this pipe dream may not be so impossible after all. If you’re 10 to 29 years old and living in Busan, Ulsan, or South Gyeongnam Province, that is. The annual Busan One Asia Festival, happening on Oct. 19 to 25, is holding an audition application from Aug. 5 to Sept. 24. 

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According to Inquirer, the winning act wins a contract to train under Cube Entertainment—known for Hallyu groups B2ST, 4Minute, CLC, (G)I-dle, and BTOB. Non-Koreans are welcome to participate as well, so if you’ve ever thought about moving to South Korea, you may want to start looking for jobs in East SoKor.

You can audition solo or in a group. There will be seven finalists who will compete onstage, and the winning act will perform on the main stage of the festival.

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Other highlights to be present at BOF include exhibitions, fan-events, and performances from other artists in the K-Music industry, including K-R&B singer Hoody, and monster rookie groups like Stray Kids, AB6IX, and ITZY.

This seems like a long shot, but it’s still hella worth it. Even if you don’t make it, you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with the best industry. And, well, use this experience to kick your confidence up a notch.

Hopeful participants can apply by downloading the form from the festival’s website and submitting it to [email protected].


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