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Misery + Comedy = Distance

Misery + Comedy = Distance

By Rob Cham and Diigii Daguna

Millions of Filipinos leave their homes to find work to help their families, whether it be overseas or a few cities and provinces away. I imagine the distance it causes, and just how used to it we are.

This week we’re having Diigii Daguna handling art. I’ve been a fan of their work for a while and always wanted to work with them on something.

Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown: Manila, but heavily distorted to keep it on youtube. It’s even more amusing to watch. This is the part where people talk about our OFW situation.

Sunday Beauty Queen: A documentary everyone should watch.

Diigii Daguna is an illustrator, comics artist from Manila. They love cats, cheezy crime-dramas, and coffee. Find them at toucanparty.tumblr and @smorescake on instagram


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