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Last week’s #ScoutFaves: Polly Tuf, NOFACE RECORD$, Soon Soon Soon

Last week’s #ScoutFaves: Polly Tuf, NOFACE RECORD$, Soon Soon Soon

Lex, editor in chief, @lexcereal

Nardwuar vs. Rich Chigga – I just love it when my faves succeed. You know you’re out there when the Human Serviette himself interviews you. Happy for you, Brian. Please answer my messages. Call me. Come to Manila.

Kendrick Lamar – “Element” music video – Kung fu Kenny definitely made it look sexy. Aside from the stunning visuals, I now know of Gordon Parks’ prolific work, which the visual references. Beautiful.

Denise, managing editor, @denibeans

You by Caroline Kepnes – I ordered this novel off The Book Depository with the intention of reading it when my copy got here but I was so excited to start it that I hunted for a PDF online. I made sure to stop myself before I got too far, but the story and writing are so compelling! You is actually from the point of view of a stalker while…well, stalking his victim, and I know it sounds terrible but the way he narrates his perspective is so interesting that you just have to keep reading. Props to the author for writing a likeable (?!?!?!???) stalker-protagonist. That takes real skill, people. I really can’t wait until my copy gets here!

Solfa (Youtube Channel) – We usually see a lot of ‘Westerner reacts to Korean thing” videos, but in this channel produced by a Korean living in Korea, we see the opposite of that. I love videos showing Koreans reacting to different stuff that are popular in the west because you really get to see the culture difference and how they perceive things differently. One of my favorites on this channel is the “Koreans try to tell Westerners apart” video because it’s a burn to all the westerners who complain that all Asians look alike, when Asians also think all westerners look the same too. I also love the personalities on the videos; they all have distinct characters with hilarious commentary.

Grace, senior graphic artist, @graceyyd

The xx – “I Dare You” music video – This music video is basically all of the things I love rolled into one beautiful creation. The xx, Millie Bobby Brown, Calvin Klein, but most of all, Alasdair McLellan. I’m such a big fan of his work. The covers he has shot are so amazing especially that Harry Styles series for Another Man. It’s on another level now that his work is on video!!!

Tiger Lily bucket hat from Soon Soon Soon Manila – I saw videographer Judd Figuerres over at an event in Makati last Saturday after a loooong time. It was so funny because Judd didn’t recognize me because I didn’t have a bucket hat on. It made me think that I haven’t been sporting my favorite headwear for the longest time because I didn’t have any new ones to wear. Then I came across Soon Soon Soon Manila’s newest release which is this fine looking “Tiger Lily” assymetrical bucket hat. Definitely a new flavor to my growing collection of bucket hats. Sign me up for one, Soon Soon Soon Manila!

Celene, editorial assistant, @deerwho

nothing will make sense in the end EP – A new output from NOFACE RECORD$, this life-threatening car cash inspired seven track EP includes skinxbones, EAZYHEAD, BEDSETTLER, Ashton Martyr and rap newbie no$hackles. Listen to track three: “faux vaccines feat. no$shackles & EAZYHEAD”, that’s like my week’s theme song. Hard same on “I feel no pain because I’m dying everyday.”

Polly Tuf’s Too Late pin – Polly Patch’s new evil twin Polly Tuf is my new favorite brand. They just released a THRASHER-bootleg “Poser” tee and it’s cute af, but this pin is to die for. See what I did there?

Tyler, the Creator – “911/Mr. Lonely”
 – Remember when I thought the buzzing bees on Tyler’s socials was for promoting for his new VICELAND show NUTS + BOLTS? Well, false alarm. It was for his two new track releases “Who Dat Boy” and “911/Mr.Lonely.” Does this mean he’s coming with a follow up to 2015’s Cherry Bomb this year? I hope so.



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