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This brand’s first clothing collection is an exercise in creativity

This brand’s first clothing collection is an exercise in creativity

Sometimes life shows itself as a series of jobs until we die. Everyday we’re confronted with small tasks that can be easily dismissed as easy, but when these tasks flood in we realize we’ve spent hours on simple things. When we scroll our feeds, we look at images and videos of people in the cusp of their success, and we look at ourselves and think, “What am I doing with my life?”

The difference between the doers and the watchers isn’t purely a matter of predisposition, but also a matter of inner motivation. Some people just need an outlet to channel their creativity, including Poots, who released a collection of graphic tees.

Why Poots? It’s what Bryan Sochayseng and Kathrina Chrisostomo, the duo behind Poots, call farts. By farts, they mean “ideas [that] aren’t thought out too much, [that are] more natural,” says Kat.

“We decided to make the collection because we had so many ideas backed up and we couldn’t really do them all because of school,” says Bryan. “So once the semester ended and summer officially started we got to do what we could to and finally solidify these pieces.”

Aptly entitled “We’re not just stickers anymore,” Poots’ collection features playful graphics with a message for each shirt. Not only is the collection fun to look at, the designs contain purposeful meaning.

Check the lookbook:

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