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Five low maintenance things you can do to celebrate International Friendship Day

Five low maintenance things you can do to celebrate International Friendship Day

So it’s International Friendship Day today. If you’ve got no specific plans out for the occasion, what would be better to do than gathering at someone’s place over some movies and your favorite beer? It’s pretty easy. Go check our handy list right here below:

What you’ll be needing:
A house/condo
Your barkada
Your favorite San Miguel Flavored Beer

Movie marathon
It’s always best to be around your friends when watching your favorite films–that way you get to play off each other’s reactions and laugh out loud while at it. It’ll be twice the fun if you have themes for your marathons. Studio Ghibli films? Pixar? Guilty pleasure rom-coms? Christopher Nolan movies? Actually, scratch out that last one, unless you want to be stressed out for most of your hohol.

Board games
Why go to a board game cafe when you can all just bring your favorite games and play them together in one place? It saves time, effort, money, and you guys can go all out wild without disturbing other people. Dungeons and Dragons is a great game to play with friends and usually lasts an entire day (better if you guys dress up for the occasion). Or you can check out this listicle of board games you might want to check out.

Have a spa party
No need to hire home services. All you’ll be needing is each other and some beauty products, like sheet masks and nail polishes. For the ladies (or even guys), there’s nothing more intimate than staying inside with mud masks on while catching up with what’s been happening with each other. And get perfect skin while at it, too!

Home karaoke
Filipinos love karaoke. It’s basically a part of our blood. Karaoke machines aren’t necessary either. If you have a chromecast or a smart TV, you could use that to just stream YouTube videos (with lyrics, of course) onscreen. DIY mics are cute too.

Pop a beer
Now what kind of hang out session would be complete without popping some of your favorite beer? Drinking is basically a must for any barkada, so go ahead and get a case of San Miguel Flavored Beer and enjoy a night of drunken stories with the people you care about most. Happy International Friendship Day! #SMFBFriendshipDay


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