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Hayley Williams just released “Leave It Alone,” the second single of her solo album

Just a week after dropping “Simmer” Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams is back with “Leave It Alone,” a melancholic pop track with introspective lyrics. Similar to “Simmer” the second single was released alongside its official MV. From the dark enigmatic suspense of the first single, “Leave It Alone” on the other hand, is a heavy contrast from its predecessor. 

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If you were expecting an equally energetic and rhythmically charged track, then the slow-paced pop ballad partnered with bright Midsomnar-esque visuals might have come as a pleasant surprise. The song and music video, while still in line with the darker themes of Hayley’s solo project, are definitely the yin to “Simmer’s” yang

The music video features two narratives taking place in what looks like the forest from “Simmer” finally lit by twilight. For OG fans of Paramore, this might bring back memories from another iconic 2000’s banger that involves both Hayley singing in a forest and “twilight.”

Good thing the solo project doesn’t imply the band breaking up, because with My Chemical Romance reuniting and Fall Out Boy back on the road–the watchmen of emo are slowly rounding us back up. See you guys at the pit.

Check out the MV for “Leave It Alone” below:

Still from “Leave It Alone” MV 


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