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UNSCHLD has a spankin’ new video teaser, look book

UNSCHLD has a spankin’ new video teaser, look book

It’s been a while since we’ve had them in our radar, but a decade after the brand’s inception, Unschooled (stylized as “UNSCHLD”) is back with a beautiful look book and an equally interesting video teaser.

Before they went quiet, they had a space in the Ronac art center and had designs that drew from a myriad of influences. The brand produced outerwear pieces to simple tees, and even snapbacks, and had a strong presence in the scene.

With their old posts erased and replaced by a new string of posts on social media, the brand seems to take on a new direction with their revival.

The teaser features Rhxanders wearing what seems to be pieces from the brand’s upcoming collection, shouting the word “UNSCHLD” in different takes. Yet the words can’t be heard and the whole clip is silent.

Browsing their website reveals what appears to be the collection’s release date and venue: September 2, at The Open Space. Even without any further details, we’re already looking forward to a new phase in this local brand’s direction.

Check photos from their look book below:



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