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Jasmine Curtis-Smith on her latest adventures, Dutch pancakes, and travel must-haves

Jasmine Curtis-Smith on her latest adventures, Dutch pancakes, and travel must-haves

By Denise Fernandez
Art by Bryan Sochayseng

It’s been quite a while since we caught up with our two-time Scout cover girl, Jasmine Curtis-Smith. She’s been busy in the first half of the year promoting her indie film Baka Bukas, and now season 3 of her web series, Forever Sucks, has been recently uploaded on the internet for viewing. Last time she spoke to us, she’d just come back from a three-month vacation and discussed the importance of self-care in a stressful environment.

And what does Jasmine do to take a breather from the chaos of show business? Travel, of course. We met the actress as the new ambassador of the HP Sprocket and asked her about her dream destinations, travel must-haves, what’s on her playlist when she goes abroad, and more.

Here’s a nifty graphic we made for ya’ll lazy readers out there.

See our full short but sweet interview with Jasmine below:

What was your recent out of town trip? Can you share with us a few of your favorite experiences while you were there?

Los Angeles with my sister! A lot of discovering new places to eat, shop, and have fun! I guess my favorite part of our three-day trip was experiencing the people of LA because it’s a whole different culture.

Have you always been an adventure junkie?

No. To be honest, I’m someone that loves reasoning. Every move or adventure is for a reason. For example: I did my bungee jump in Thailand because I needed to feel free mentally and emotionally. Very sentimental ako.

What kind of places do you usually visit when on vacation? Are you more of a beach person, a hiker, etc.?

I grew up spending my summer holidays in Patar beach, Pangasinan so I’ve really always been a beach girl.

Which musicians do you love putting on your travel playlist and why?

Eraserheads and Foster the People for upbeat and energizing moments. And a few jazz artists to ease down with after a long day.

Which foreign dish is your favorite and why?

I love Poffertjes! They’re Dutch pancakes that are small and fluffy, topped with sugar, Nutella, and strawberries! There are other toppings to choose from but that’s my go to.

Since it’s the rainy season, which destinations would you recommend that would still be enjoyable for travel junkies like you?

Abroad! Visit neighboring southeast Asian countries for a different vibe and for a new learning adventure. My adventures don’t necessarily contain physical activities, a lot of my adventures happen when I learn about the way in which life happens in that specific destination.

Who is your dream travel buddy?

My mum. She’s still good to travel but she’s very much occupied with life in Australia so planning holidays with her take some time and needs a lot of planning ahead of time!

Can you share with us the best view that you’ve seen among all your recent out of town visits?

The sunset in San Juan, La Union.

Are there any more Philippine tourist destinations that you want to visit in the future?


Are there any traveling tips that you can share?

Spend on memories that’ll change your perspective.

How does the HP Sprocket fit your traveling needs?

It’s instant and small. Easy to carry around.


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