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Scout Friday Picks: Mark Paredes of Northern Man

By Celene Sakurako

If it weren’t for college, Northern Man a.k.a. Mark Paredes’ psychedelic rock solo project, may not have not existed. Matter of the fact is, the now four-piece band that is frontman Mark Paredes, guitarist Marty Carsi, bassist Aly Cabral, and drummer Ghabby Gorayeb (formerly Lean Ordinario), only came out of Soundcloud and onto the streets because of No Rome a.k.a. Rome Gomez.

Before Rome left for London to record his upcoming debut album in March, he threw a house party with all his friends, including Mark. Mark, asked by Rome then tapped his friend Marty to play guitar for him, which then kick started Northern Man’s gig life. Forward to May, we tapped Northern Man to play for us at our De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde leg of Scout Campus Tour, where they were already a four-piece band.

Now with a debut EP: Catharsis of the Mind—which for those who don’t know is Mark’s thesis—out, the Homeshake, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala and John Frusciante-influenced band is slowly but surely coming out of its shell and becoming its own. While there are still no plans for an LP, they’ve been working on another EP due for release by early next year.

Today, their frontman gives us an eight-track playlist under the theme: “Sounds of the minds of strange people.” As the self-proclaimed lead of “too weird to live, but much too rare to die” band Mark explains, “I chose this theme because I think the weirdest people come up with the most creative things, that are also beautiful.”

Syd Barrett – “Terrapin”

“Syd Barrett’s whole catalog of songs would fit in this playlist.”

Nick Allbrook – “Tramadol with Fear”

“I love how this is different from Nick’s other projects. You should follow him on Instagram, he’s definitely a weird character.”

Connan Mockasin – “Forever Dolphin Love”

“The way Connan presents himself is so eccentric; I love this guy.”

Frank Zappa – “Cosmik Debris”

“Arranging game strong.”

Pink Floyd – “Interstellar Overdrive”

“This was during the Syd Barrett-led era of Pink Floyd and this song is definitely a good listening experience.”

John Frusciante – “I May Know Again, John”

“During the years of John’s first departure from Red Hot Chili Pepper, he definitely experimented with his mind and music.”

Tonstartssbandht – “5FT7”

“I was surprised when I found out these guys were in Mac Demarco’s live band. I don’t exactly know how strange their personality is but the music they make definitely is.”

Thom Yorke – “Pink Section/Nose Grows Some”

“Thom Yorke has been knows for years as an oddball.”

Photo from “Low Pi”


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