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4 quirky pop-up street food stalls to look out for


Compiled by Celene Sakurako
Photography by Cru Camara
Illustrations by Danica Condez

Pop-up street food stalls are known to come and go; we’ve picked four game changers we hope are here to stay. From strange sandwiches to creative xiao long baos, check out our list right here.

Idiot Sandwich (@idiotsandwich_ph)

This anti-sandwich pop-up concept has creative and hefty sandwiches with quirky names.

What to Order: Tae Kwon Dope
mayo, bean sprouts, spring onions, sesame


Po (@po.manila)

An Asian food stop serving tasty buns and noodles with gentleness, grit, and coziness in mind

What to Order: Cumin beef noodles
dry wheat noodles, stewed beef with cumin, homemade chili sauce, cilantro


Tetsuo (@tetsuo.official)

Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira-inspired chicken joint also dabbles in events, merchandising, and branding

What to Order: Fried Chicken
eight-hour marinated fried chicken, rice, three spices

Bonus round: Karaage
overnight marinated, boneless fried chicken, rice, three spices


Sabaw Dumplings (@sabawdumplings)

Dumpling shop offers slow-cooked handmade xiao long bao and potstickers with a Filipino twist

What to Order: Xiao Long Bao Sampler
Bula Long Bao, Tino Long Bao, Tablea Xiao Long Bao, Leche Flan Xiao Long Bao




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