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IV OF SPADES talks their new music video, building its entire set, and BTS mishaps


2017 was an extremely busy year for IV OF SPADES. They’ve underwent their vintage rebrand, released new music, gotten themselves a place at the next Wanderland Music Festival, and more, all while garnering hundreds of new fans in the process. We’ve dubbed them the band to watch for this year and their new video for “Where Have You Been My Disco?” is only proof that they’ve got more tricks from under their sleeves. Released last Friday, it’s no surprise that IV OF SPADES dropped yet another visually stimulating video (fun fact: it was produced by our good friends over at Two Fold).

You’ve probably seen it by now, so the band was cool enough to answer our pressing questions about the new drop. Check out what they’ve got to say right here:

The video looks like some kind of a sequel to “Hey Barbara.” Is there a storyline to the two videos?

The similarities are just a consistency of the visuals what the band still wanted to portray. The music video is not in a narrative format yet it was telling a story.

Who did you work with for this music video? Can you talk a bit about the people you collaborated with and why you chose to work with them?

We worked with Two Fold Media and we believe that they also have the idea of making art that could represent our country worldwide. Raymond and Trina of Two Fold Media didn’t hesitate to work with us when we talked to them about the music video. Two Fold Media is world class. In our art production design, Shanne Dandan and her team helped us to put our ideas into reality and make them visually pleasing. All sides have the same mindset of expressing art without compromise and risk.

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics of “Where Have You Been My Disco?”? Is it solely about loving disco music and trying to revive it or is there a deeper thought to it?

The song is not just about disco. Disco could signify a certain movement that has happened in the past. The first person perspective of the song is speaking to his younger brother and he is the middle man between his mother and his younger brother. The three people signify three generations. It reveals the cycle of life and how the past generation speaks to our generation.

What was the inspiration behind the track “Where Have You Been My Disco?”? What drove you guys to write it?

It was unusual. It started with a bass line first before writing the melody and lyrics. Unique and Zild wrote it together first without a context and went free-flow. In our middle phase, the idea of a generation talking to the younger generation popped up when Unique wrote the line, “Children of the future, let me tell you something.” Then it developed further as we go to the pre-chorus as Zild hums the word “disco” in every end of a line. Then we conceptualized the idea of talking directly to “disco” as if it’s a person. Then the line, “Where Have You Been, My Disco?” was the line that made us agree that this would be the song that we’ll release.

What are the symbolisms behind the flowers, clocks, telephones in the video? You used the same visuals as well in the Hey Barbara music video.

Mystery. Let’s leave it to the viewers on how they’ll interpret it.

What are some funny stories/things that happened on set while shooting the MV?

I don’t think if it’s funny but there was a hard drive that got corrupted and we had to reshoot again for two sets. It was tragic but I think it’s an experience that we won’t forget with Two Fold. We were also the carpenters during that day.


By Denise Fernandez
Photos by Daniel Aguilar




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