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Whip up the most absurd cinema meal with A24’s ‘Scrounging’ cookbook


In our next attempt in the kitchen, we can now make ourselves a notorious cinema meal (the A24 way).

Fresh off the oven, A24 introduces its newest publication, “Scrounging: A Cookbook,” a collection of “late-night, last-ditch recipes and ingenious back-of-the-pantry” meals from A24 films and other cult movies. These unhinged recipes include the Pixy Stix sandwich from “The Breakfast Club,” maple syrup spaghetti from “Elf,” and the unforgettable microwaveable Thanksgiving dinner from “Lady Bird.”

Canadian celebrity chef Matty Matheson pens the foreword before you are welcomed into the 54 recipes, sectioned into beverages, breakfast, appetizers and snacks, sandwiches, and dinner and dessert.

Scrounging: A Cookbook

Scrounging: A Cookbook

To get you in the feels while cooking, each recipe also shares tasty tidbits about the meal’s corresponding film with a short synopsis. Mind you, not all the recipes here are “bad,” too.

The cookbook also drops the ingredients to make the perfect dessert as sweet as Kevin McCallister’s 12-scoop ice cream sundae in “Home Alone.” And for people who want to indulge in something savory yet too lazy to move (like me), we have Mrs. Kim’s no-brainer eight-minute ram-don as seen in Oscars 2020 best picture “Parasite.”

Scrounging: A Cookbook

Scrounging: A Cookbook

Scrounging: A Cookbook

The goofy recipes were developed by The New York Times Cooking contributor Sue Li. “Scrounging” is also A24’s second cookbook following the 2021 horror-themed recipe manual “Horror Caviar.” 

Since it’s officially out, this is also our chance to relive how intrigued (and disgusted, FR) we were by these meals the first time we saw them on screen.

Now, if you’re down to treat your tastebuds (and of course, your inner child) with these chaotic snacks, you can call dibs on A24’s website for $38 (₱2,120). Take note: It ships by July 7th and can be delivered in the Philippines.

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