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Saab Magalona isn’t fazed by any of your death threats, Duterte supporters

Saab Magalona isn’t fazed by any of your death threats, Duterte supporters

By Celene Sakurako

Cheats singer and daughter of the late legendary rapper Francis Magalona, Saab Magalona has always been vocal about her disdain towards the current administration run by President Rodrigo Duterte. Taking to her Twitter @saabmagalona to voice out her concerns about the extant war on drugs, a tweet she made last week criticizing the misleading statement of Philippine National Police Director Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa has sparked a Twitter war.

Her tweet above was what began it all. In her tweet, she calls out Bato for his puzzling statement: “Walang sinabi si Presidente sa akin na pumatay kayo nang pumatay” (The President has never ordered me to kill), despite previous headlines in multiple media sites stating that he was ordered to kill any opposing suspects. In reaction to this tweet, Duterte supporters were quick to refute, saying that Duterte may have been misquoted by media itself. Thus sparking a heated online debate between Duterte supporters and Saab, in which Saab ended up calling out the whole thing “kadiri.”

Since then, netizens have gone on to chip in with their own two cents on the matter.

Now, eight days after the tweet in question, Saab still stands by her original tweet. Unfazed by the “insults, death threats, rape wishes,” she once again tweets that she finds the current admin “gross.”

Good on you Saab! We urge other social media influencers to stand their ground and continue to voice out their opinions.



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