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Young, dumb, and broke no more: 8 ways to make extra money online

Young, dumb, and broke no more: 8 ways to make extra money online

Let’s face it–Khalid’s “Young Dumb & Broke” has got to be one of the most relatable songs in this era. The title says it all; it’s basically about being young, making bad decisions, and obviously being broke, which I think is a trademark of most financially struggling millennials. However, since we were all are born into a technology-driven world, there are actually countless ways to earn some money online, from something as simple as selling your preloved clothes on Carousell to taking paid surveys to vlogging on Youtube. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips and tricks you can use to get additional bucks with the help of the internet:

1. Sell your old stuff online

This has got to be one of the easiest ways to earn cash, be it online or offline. Nowadays, online businesses are becoming very popular and you can practically sell anything under the sun. Some are even selling bags of air (???). All the weird stuff aside, some popular stuff to put up in the online market are food (pastries to be specific), clothes (either preloved or new ones), shoes, bags, gadgets, stationery, and phone cases. You can start selling on Instagram, buy-and-sell Facebook groups, and online shopping sites such as OLX, Carousell, and Shopee.

2. Become a virtual tutor

Doing well in school and being a total brainiac does have its perks. You can actually earn money by applying the stuff you’ve learned in class and teaching them to those who need a little bit of help in some academic areas. However, the academically gifted are not the only ones who can benefit since those who are well-versed in the English language can also monetize their skills. With the use of online tutoring sites, even students can do part-time work and earn within their set time. Although the problem with these sites is that they sometimes have an age requirement, but fear not as you can still offer tutoring services by posting ads on Facebook. If you’re curious as to what sites you can try offering your academic and language skills to, check this out.

3. Answer surveys online

Answering surveys can sometimes be a burden, especially when the questions are just too damn long, but if there’s a reward for that, count us all in! Perks that come with answering surveys can either be of monetary value or freebies like food vouchers. There are a bunch of sites that legitimately offer money in exchange for answering some surveys. Here’s a listicle compiling websites that offer paid survey taking.

4. Be an online freelancer

Freelancing works both for professionals and students alike. It’s an easy way to financially benefit from the skills that you possess or have worked hard on over the years. Basically, being a freelancer means that you are commissioned to do some tasks such as contributing an article or some photos to a company. There are lots of freelancing sites that can cater to your needs. There are even some freelancing groups on Facebook that caters to the online freelancing community. Freelancing can be fun especially because you can do it from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. You can check out sites such as Fiverr, Online Jobs PH, Upwork, and many more to earn some of that extra dough.

5. Cashback

Who knew that being a shopaholic can actually help you earn a bit from the stuff that you’ve bought? Yup, that’s possible. Websites such as Shopback allows users to buy stuff online through their site and get a percentage of income back to their account. It’s simple and very easy. Read up on Shopback to find out more.

6. Join online contests and raffles

Out of all the tips that we’ve given you, this has got to be the hardest. Raffles can be won depending on your luck but with contests, there are mechanics that to look into. Update yourself with local online contests here.

7. Contribute stock photos

Ever wondered how these stock photos come about? If you’re good in photography and you want to contribute some of your work in exchange for cash, then stock photo companies is a great place to start. Besides getting some easy money out of your hobby, your work would also be immortalized in stock photo websites and Google. Who knows, your stock photo might even turn into a meme!

8. Vlog on Youtube

Like most of us know, Youtubers profit through their videos. However, it’s not just the famous Youtubers who get paid for producing content. As long as you fit the criteria of “having 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months & 1,000 subscribers” then your channel can be reviewed for the YouTube Partner program. Remember though that it’s not just about the views and likes. Make sure you’re actually passionate about vlogging. If you want to know the other qualifications needed to become a paid Youtuber, check out this link.

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