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Last week’s #ScoutFaves: Dosage, Junji Ito Collection, Uniqlo U Spring/Summer ’18, Instax SQ10

Last week’s #ScoutFaves: Dosage, Junji Ito Collection, Uniqlo U Spring/Summer ’18, Instax SQ10

Lex, editor-in-chief

“Mula Sa” by Dosage – Davao-based rapper Dosage just release a new music video of his song “Mula Sa.” Wavy beats and tight bars? Sign me up. I’ve always been interested in music scenes that aren’t from Manila.

Welcome to my meme page – I was browsing through the Facebook page to keep myself awake since I left the house around 5.a.m. for my Visa application at Makati where I ended up walking for more than kilometer because traffic was at a standstill. My legs aching and all from standing around for more than half a day in the searing heat when I was in a music festival two days before. This page gave me the strength to power through. This absurdist, post-absurdist, self-reflexive, ironic meme page. This stupid meme page. I need to rest.

Denise, associate editor

Junji Ito Collection – I used to read a lot of manga in high school. Among the rare horror pieces that I actually read were the works of Junji Ito. His style of drawing and storytelling were so hypnotic that you just had to keep on going even though you were actually already terrified. The sense of dread he manages to evoke in his tales was always so prominent. This 2018, an anime adaptation of his famous art was released and it’s fantastic seeing your childhood nightmares (?!) in motion.

Call Me By Your Name OST
– I made sure not to spoil myself of anything Call Me By Your Name before I watched it in the cinemas–and yes, that includes the soundtrack. I finally saw the movie last Monday at Greenbelt and was stunned. One of my favorite parts (aside from the lush, gorgeous setting) was the music. Sufjan Stevens was the soundtrack of my late high school/early college years, so the songs perfectly captured that aged, nostalgic feeling. I’m just bummed that the remix of “Futile Devices” isn’t on Spotify. PLS.

Grace, senior graphic designer

Fujifilm Instax SQ10 – I’m a memory hoarder. Whenever there’s a special event in my life, I’d like to keep a memento from it that I can keep and touch with my bare hands. That’s why I really like taking photos with Fujifilm’s Instax cameras because it makes the memories more special. My family and I have been taking Instax photos ever since I was still young! And with Fujifilm’s newest addition to it’s Instax family, the Instax SQ10, this the perfect mix for our generation as it has a digital component that reminds me a lot of an app we all love to use. Plus, it’s got the instant printing of the image which I can keep for myself or give to people who matter to me. Then, the square film is just so nostalgic! I can’t wait to share my favorite memories that I took with this camera.

Uniqlo U Spring/Summer 2018 Collection – The new Uniqlo U collection is the BOMB. It’s just so beautiful! I’m in love with the zesty color palette. I can’t wait to get my hands on the striped crew-neck short sleeved T-dress.



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