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“Call me by Monet” is a very beautiful pairing

“Call me by Monet” is a very beautiful pairing

We already know that Call Me By Your Name, with its lush Italian countryside setting, is one of the most cinematically charming films to come out of 2017. With its four Academy award nominations, it’s clear that its viewers have taken notice. One of the key places that set the backdrop for Elio and Oliver’s tender love story is the actual hill where French Impressionist painter Claude Monet used to paint.

On the same summer grass, the on-screen couple had their first kiss. Picking up from this detail, 22-year-old Filipino artist Mika Labrague decided to recreate some of the film’s scenes and set them atop landscape paintings by Monet himself.

Mika told WIRED Italy that her imagination was sparked by her own perception that many of the picturesque scenes — from their garden lunches and afternoons spent biking by the lake, to their scenic drives and slow days reading by the window — just blended seamlessly with the French artist’s delicate works.

Fusing art with art, the results are an enchanting interpretation of Elio and Oliver’s already whimsical summer love. Check out our favorites below.

Find more of Mika’s art on her Instagram page here.

Text by Isabella Argosino


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