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Last week’s #ScoutFaves: SEASON PASS, Wanderland 2018, L’Oreal, ‘Ruining History,’ and more

Last week’s #ScoutFaves: SEASON PASS, Wanderland 2018, L’Oreal, ‘Ruining History,’ and more

Lex, editor-in-chief

SEASON PASS – Heads up, north peeps who are into streetwear: There’s a new store tucked inside a compound along Magiting street carrying all the brands you want to be in your closet. Aside from highly covetable pieces from Suprem and A Bathing Ape, there are also consigned items from some local brands as well as some secondhand vintage items. Pass by just to look at all the items you can’t afford. 1/2 kidding.

Photo by Colin Dancel

Bench Fashion Week Day 2 – The show killed it, the designers killed it, the whole experience killed it. Each collection had their moments (Jaggy Glarino’s collection that literally felt like a breathe of fresh air; Randolf’s denim-clad “take me to prom” collection, the opening monologue very familiar but I can’t exactly remember where it’s from), but what took the show away for me was when it was Pr()blem Studio’s to take the runway: “loud colors, bold prints, luscious frills, exaggerated shapes, and multi-layered seams,” as Celene Sakurako calls it in our profile of Pr()blem Studios’ designer Jenni Contreras, but with the stone-faced models wearing these stunning, devilishly cute pieces, and the mood delivered and carried by the visuals and the music–oh my god, the trap-flavored Asian hip hop music–it was an experience that encapsulated a mood or feel that I really personally enjoy. I’m a sucker for all of those things at once. Bravo.

Denise, associate editor

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert 2-in-1 Brow Pencil – These new brow pencils from L’Oreal came right on time. I just finished my Innisfree 2-in-one pencil so I was looking for something similar. The L’Oreal ones work pretty much the same, with a wide range of shades and a handy brush that isn’t too thick or too thin to even out your eyebrows. Time to hoard.

Buzzfeed’s Ruining History – I love Buzzfeed Unsolved and Shane and Ryan, but I’m not really fond of their True Crime episodes. While that’s been running at the moment, I’ve been watching their Ruining History series, where Shane and Ryan talk about strange and controversial events that went down in world history. It’s nice seeing the boys just let loose and get nerdy about things that aren’t ghosts or conspiracy theories. Plus, you actually learn more through these videos than your actual history class back in high school. Was Benjamin Franklin actually in a sex cult? What actually happened to female pirate Anne Bonny? Ryan, Shane, and other Buzzfeed personalities talk about all of these in this hilarious new series.

Bryan, graphic artist

Photo by Karen dela Fuente and Iya Forbes

IV OF SPADES: Live at Wanderland – I basically asked the biggest question I’ve ever had to ask to the most important person in my life with our favorite local band to our favorite song, in front of thousands of people. Everything’s still sinking in. My heart is full and I can’t wait for the future.

Photo courtesy of Wanderland

Daniel Caesar: Live at Wanderland – Definitely one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. I love the connection between him and the crowd. I love it when artists just enjoy themselves while performing and do so many things to show it. Shoutout to Daniel for showing us that and also for actually walking around the PH. The dude went and ate at a Jollibee; so chill. When he performed “Get You” for his encore, he just enjoyed how the crowd sounded. All of us were singing along, making the ending part even more electric. You can just feel the amazing energy.

Argo, editorial assistant

Photo by @eggcheeks

FKJ: Live at Wanderland – This guy made my entire Wanderland. I was so blown away by how talented he was, basically functioning as his own one-man band, transitioning from instrument to instrument. He even made an impromptu track on-the-spot just dedicated to Manila. It was crazy! His creative energy was so infectious. And June Marieezy even made a surprise appearance and sang along with him to some of their songs! I would definitely love to watch him again.

Questioning Answers, Answering Questions by RH Xanders – It’s been on constant loop for a week now and truly one of my favorite releases of the year. I’m a huge fan of jazz, hip-hop, and funk, and this EP flawlessly fuses them together, and then some.


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