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This trippy series will come out on 4/20

This trippy series will come out on 4/20

Don’t tune out just yet, “Adventure Time” enthusiasts. Year 2020 sounds like it’ll fill the Ooo-shaped hole in all of our hearts. After the announcement of new “Adventure Time” specials coming next year, Pendleton Ward is set to launch a new show. 

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According to Vulture, Pendleton Ward, in collaboration with Duncan Trussell, will be brewing up “The Midnight Gospel.” Netflix has ordered this new adult animated series, and it has all the elements we have every right to be excited about. The Wrap reveals that “The Midnight Gospel” follows Clancy, a “spacecaster” (yup, a newscaster in space) who has a malfunctioning multiverse simulator. He “leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living in dying worlds.” Could it be a commentary about the possibilities of the future? Or climate change? Or even just an reimagined narrative of life in space? For now, we can only wait. 

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UPDATE: We finally have a trailer, kids.

Brought by Titmouse, (the same animation studio of “Big Mouth”), “The Midnight Gospel” is set to hit streaming site Netflix—and our stream of consciousness–on Apr. 20. Now, expect me to drop everything I’m planning as soon as I catch wind of Clancy’s first report.

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