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KLTRD x Nobody release new collection inspired by your daily commute

KLTRD x Nobody release new collection inspired by your daily commute

When two of the local streetwear scene’s most beloved brands collaborate, you know the fruits can only be sweet. The latest joint release, brought to us by KLTRD and Nobody Clothing, is a distinct collection of graphic tees, jackets, and accessories.

“KNCT: KLTRD NOBODY CITY TRANSIT” brings together the best of what both brands have to offer. KLTRD, in all its individuality, has built a character that is easily distinguishable by their unique graphic designs. Nobody, on the other hand, is built on its subtle but strong foundation as “made by a bunch of nobodies.” But the two have one thing in common, and that’s the passion it takes to produce their line.

“Collaborations only make sense if it can move the brands forward,” said Nobody on their Facebook page. “This collaboration taught us a lot of things about ourselves, our limitations, our strengths, and the possibilities of teamwork. We spent a lot of hours conceptualizing, revising and executing every aspect of this release TOGETHER.”


Inspired by the struggles of everyday commute, their journey is documented on their designs, most especially seen in their exclusive BEEP cards. Other notable pieces are their utilitarian jacket, sleek logo scarf, black hoodie, and umbrella.

The collection officially launches on March 17, 2018 at Purveyr Post.

View some more of the pieces from their lookbook below.


Text by Isabella Argosino

Photos by: Ton Cortes & Roy Cabugao
Feat. Wynnancio Santiago, Doy Nuev, Nicka Landas, Josh “Tofu” Subeldia, Celine Kei Fujita



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