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If you’re looking for a “sign” to replace your phone, this is it

If you’re looking for a “sign” to replace your phone, this is it

In a few weeks, 2020 is officially canceled.

You know what else should be canceled? Your phone. During this hell year, we grew more attached to our gadgets. It’s our school work companion, our lifeline to the outside world and of course, our 2 a.m. scrolling buddy. 

We all say that same cliche “new year, new me.” What if, all this time, your phone buddy needs to go?

It can either be as simple as screen cracked way too many times. Or maybe, it’s the low performance for you. Parting ways is hella hard during a new era. But a new year means a much-required glow up.

The 2021 glow up can be from you or a new reliable gadget. As we love to say here, why not have both? Grab that rainy day money, mixed it up with aguinaldos received and get that phone you deserve.

If this pep talk didn’t convince you, here are some potential phone recos from us:   

Children of streaming gods, we see you

Netflix FOMO? Don’t know her. If you’re a serial streamer whose tabs are open 24/7 for a new drop, the OPPO A12 phone is your ride-or-die. Packed with a screen that filters harmful blue light, it promises a glow up in your mobile viewing experience. Your gaming and watching setup just got firmer and smaller—and even lets you play up to eight hours straight (um, not that we actually advise you to).

Errands live in my head rent-free

Day N of quarantine: Our scheds are still swamped AF. Now that we’re in a totally different set-up, a lightweight and totally reliable smartphone is what we need  whether out and about or finishing 24 deadlines in my bedroom. Good thing the OPPO A53 is designed to fit these features in a compact figure.   No need to worry about long charging time or lugging around a heavy power bank, too: it comes with a 5000mAh ultra battery paired with high-speed 18W fast charge. 

 Spontaneity is my personality

Tired of carrying a heavy ass camera for every occasion? Why not call dibs on a smartphone that could do the same thing?  Meet OPPO A92, packed with an ultra-wide lens for capturing quality photos and videos. Add up its 48MP AI Quad camera and 8GB RAM + 128ROM and your spontaneous hangouts are solved.  

‘Content never stops’ gang, gang

Content, content real life content. Whether you’re an IG story fiend or a TikTok’s their feelings away homie, a trustworthy phone camera is a must. A poor footage quality can ruin your chances into making amazing content. With that, we’d like to introduce OPPO Reno4 to your life.

It boasts a 48MP Quad camera and 32MP selfie camera ft. AI Color Portrait to mute the background or highlight a specific color in photos and videos, Night Flare Mode to add a standout bokeh effect and Ultra Steady Video 3.0 to minimize shakes to capture effortlessly smooth videos. With the Reno4, everything’s packed in the camera.

Raking in ‘rich bih’ energy

We get it—you love the finer things. Doesn’t matter if you’re broke AF, the sophisticated life is your instant serotonin boost. But how can you get that boost if your phone is a struggle? Enter, OPPO Find X2 Pro.

This top-of-the-line smartphone comes in two colors and textures – black ceramic and orange vegan leather – that definitely pops out. You can now take ultra clear and crisp shots in any perspective and under any light, thanks to its 13MP periscope telephoto lens and view everything smoothly from a screen with a true billion color display and 120hz refresh rate. 


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