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We talk to One Click Straight about “Kaleidoscope”


If you haven’t heard of One Click Straight, then it isn’t too late to familiarize yourself with the band. With a sound almost described as a fusion of melodic pop, indie rock and synth pop, One Click Straight’s songs are mostly derived from their personal experiences of heartbreak, love and even friendship.

After the release of their single “She”, it didn’t take much longer for the four-piece indie pop band to come up with an absolute slapper, “Kaleidoscope.”

With that said, we had the opportunity to catch up with the boys and talk about their newest single.

Tell us more about the “Kaleidoscope.”

Kaleidoscope is a song about ever-changing hearts, and how we forget the love we once knew from someone dear to us. It tackles the feelings and emotions of losing someone that meant the world to you, but you never knew why or how. Things were just never the same.

What is the influence behind the track?

Broken friendships. We really dug deep to what the heart feels when we start losing the people around us. It is influenced by 80’s ballads and long drives on the highway.

What was the process?

Tim wrote the song and made a rough demo on the computer back in the day. We went into the studio and had pre-production for arrangements, synth sounds and new ideas. And then, we started recording and mixing. It was a smooth process.

How is the album recording and production going so far?

It is going great. Everything is going the way we want it to go. We’ve been working really hard to produce an album that we are really proud of. We really appreciate the space that we have to explore, learn, and express new things with this album.

What’s next for One Click Straight?

We are currently conceptualizing for a new music video. That might be released sometime before the album comes out. We’re going to play more shows, release more content, hang out with the people who’ve always had our backs, and rock n’ roll.

by Rico Miguel Reyes
photos from One Click Straight



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