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These glow-in-the-dark acne patches are cute AF

Getting that big red dot on your face isn’t exactly cute. Although, it ain’t bad either. Breakouts are only natural and our skin just does that. Sometimes, we can’t deny that they can get painful and annoying. 

So how do we make acne szn bearable? Well, Starface’s glow-in-the-dark patches might just do the trick.

Launched last year, this skincare brand had one mission: Make pimple patches fun (and not just a mere band-aid during our bad days). Its latest product called Glow Star continues this quest by treating our acne while making our faces glow like a cosmic Insta-baddie. “Glow Star is inspired by bioluminescence (glow in the dark sea creatures) and the plastic stars we stuck on our childhood bedroom ceilings,” says Starface founder Julie Schott to DAZED.

These cute acne patches are hydrocolloids that draw out pus and block outside bacteria from hitting our mug. To activate its glowing powers, you can hold the stars under a light for a few seconds and watch your face sparkle. Who knew getting acne can be this fun?

These glow-in-the-dark acne patches are available online. I, for one, want to flex these stars around my room during quarantine.

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