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Where were you when Elon Musk and Grimes became a thing?


This is not a drill: Elon Musk, Tesla architect and founder of Space X, is dating Canadian singer and visual artist Grimes. When you think their worlds are so different, they share the same love for out-of-this-world puns and ideas. Their very first interaction on the interwebs was when Musk praised Grimes’ self-directed music video on Twitter.



While it was only during the Met Gala that the two debuted their relationship (Grimes is wearing a Tesla choker!), Page Six says the couple has been quietly dating for a month.



According to the same source, the roots of this blossoming relationship go back to social media platform Twitter as Elon was supposedly tweeting a pun regarding  Roko’s Basilisk, a philosophical thread which predicts artificial intelligence acting upon the role of a god punishing those who did not contribute to its development, and situating this to Rococo, a decorative movement in the 18th century Europe. The result of this nerdy pun is the revolutionary tweet (below) and a new found love with Grimes.



Before tweeting so, however, Musk researched if anyone had thought about the pun–there was Grimes, three years ahead of him. We don’t know much after that, but we’re pretty sure he slid into her DMs.





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