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Let Pamcy’s 5-track EP ‘Deep Sea Pearls’ take you to a daydream

Leaving us hungover from her 2-track ‘cassingle’ Piso Isa, Pamcy is back at it again with a 5-track EP Deep Sea Pearls. Yesterday, the electronic music producer announced the launch of her EP on social media, and it couldn’t get dreamier. The title name Deep Sea Pearls accurately subjugates the theme of the tracks: each song takes you to a floaty daydream, and leaves you craving more from each outworldly dimension.

The EP takes off from “No Way” featuring Olympia, followed by bouncy chill-out “Beach Dog,” “Coastline” co-produced by NiMa and Daniela, hypnotic trance “Downpour,” and Paola Mauricio’s “Consent To This.”

The consistency in mastering and mixing echoed to a tight production–each layer has the right balance of high, low and mid frequencies without crowding which gives each song impeccable clarity and impressingly audible vocals. What characterizes great mastering is you don’t have to blast your speakers to experience each element and hear every detail.

Let it amp your Friday night up:



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