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Hey, listen to the new Arctic Monkeys right this very moment


It seems like 2013 was just yesterday: you’re scrolling through sunflower gardens on Tumblr as Christmas lights around your bed frame flicker, and Arctic Monkeys’ AM played. You listen to Alex Turner as if he were the Danny Zuko of this generation, and lowkey wished you were Alexa Chung. It was the time of manic pixie dream girl-wanna be’s and coloring your hair in unicorn felt like the most delinquent act. While many have gotten over this phase, and deem it embarrassing to admit, Arctic Monkeys still feel like nostalgia.

It’s been 5 years since what seems like a blur but Arctic Monkeys is back with a new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Unlike other artists who drop singles before the big release, the boys kept it cool by only playing the tracks live. As reported a few months back, the band referenced American indie-rock band, The Strokes, whom have been an inspiration to many. The lyrics of their first track “Star Treatment” may serve relatable to us all: “I just wanted to be one of the Strokes, now look at the mess you made me make / Hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase, miles away from any half-useful imaginary highway.”

The British indie-pop band are currently on tour and have added new shows in North America and Europe to promote their latest album. Go get you some throwback feelings and un-feelings here:




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