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5 handy tips to traveling as a young adult

5 handy tips to traveling as a young adult

It’s easy to move from place to place when you have someone more knowledgeable taking care of you. But doing it alone? A test of maturity. Taking the plane alone for the first time can be so nerve-wracking, and what more walking alone in a foreign place?

We’ve been there, and…we’re still here in one piece right? Here’s a few pieces of advice for the next (or first) time you’re traveling while you’re young:

Lay everything you think you need for the trip (and take away half of it)

We get it, you’re excited and nervous and you want to make a good impression with the people you meet. After placing everything you want to bring in one place, take a long hard look at all these things and decide which needs to be in your bag. For clothes, think of light pieces you can mix and match depending on the weather. Put away the large summer hat you’re only going to use once. More importantly, learn to let go (even just for the time being).

Secure your essentials

Prepare your important travel documents and itinerary. Review ‘em twice, and make sure nothing is expired or out of place. Ask help from your parents, A little preparation goes a long way, even literally.


Yes, “BUDGET!” in all caps with an exclamation mark. Make sure you only keep the money that you aim to spend for the day; stash the rest somewhere safe where you’re staying. Better yet, use an e-wallet like PayMaya for easier transactions and also for keeping emergency cash without actually carrying any bills. Use a PayMaya physical card to swipe here and abroad, or the app’s QR feature to scan-to-pay in partner merchants all over the country. Just make sure your PayMaya is loaded up before the trip.

Clean as you go (CLAYGO)

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to forego basic human decency. Aside from respecting historical and religious places, never forget how to conduct yourself in public especially when dealing with litter. Just because we can afford to travel abroad doesn’t get us a pass to treat the world as our garbage disposal.

Always respect the locals

Travel is so much more rewarding when you immerse yourself in the culture of the places you visit. This includes doing some research to learn more about the country’s customs and traditions and having a conscientious and socially conscious mindset. Rule of thumb: don’t do things that you don’t want other people to do to you, which includes trampling on beliefs.

All set? Before you set off, consider the following idea: that the world is one great mirror, and we know more about ourselves when we see more of the earth we walk in. When we travel, we also expand our worldview. In short, travel is more than just IG stories and bragging rights. So explore the world! And be all the better person you can be.

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