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The millennial new year’s resolution

The millennial new year’s resolution

With 2018 just around the corner, everyone’s all about making their new year’s resolution. People would always write down a typical list of promises and self-growth that will make this year different and better than the last. To put a twist on the usual resolutions, we recommend trying out a 2018 bucket list type of guide – a lineup of crazy dares, fun adventures, and experiences you always wanted to do but endless excuses constantly got in the way.

Making your own 2018 bucket list will not only get you excited for the coming new year but it will also motivate you to tick off everything on your list. With the added bonus of making your 2018 filled with fun, crazy, and memorable experiences that you will always treasure.

If you’re looking to find inspiration for your own 2018 bucket list, we dare you to try out these things:

1.Experience getting lost
If you’re planning a trip alone or with friends or family, try blocking off at least a day from your busy itinerary and experience getting lost in a foreign place. There’s beauty in being lost in the moment and exploring an unknown city, you’ll never know what is waiting to be discovered.


2. Release your inner child for a day
With all the stress and fatigue that comes with the real world, it’s important to spend a day free from all the problems that comes with your adult life. Take a day off and have your inner child let loose for the day. Try out some fun experiences with your friends like a game of laser tag or play a board game, stop by an indoor trampoline park, or have a quick swimming, or beach trip near the city – whatever strikes your fancy.

3. Do something spontaneous
There’s nothing like the thrill that comes with doing something spontaneous. It can be as little as having an impromptu night out with friends you haven’t seen in a long time or something a bit more adventurous like booking a last minute flight to somewhere new and exotic. Spontaneous adventures are said to be the moments that you will never forget and we stand by that belief, and so should you.

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4. Dare yourself out of your comfort zone
Take risks and push yourself to do something you never in a million years think you’d see yourself doing. Think big, think extreme – travel alone, go cliff diving, or swim with the sharks. Moments like these will be the ones you will cherish forever and relive every once in a while. It can also be a great story to tell and influence others to do the same and take the challenge.

5. Suck it up and say hi
Whether you want to make a new friend or start up a conversation with your crush, we’ve got you covered with the perfect ice breaker for your awkward self-esteem. Start by saying “Hi” and offering a sweet, like gum or chocolates. We recommend Hi Chew candies as a perfect fit, you can even savor the moment by asking which flavor he/she prefers. Once you get an answer, whether it’s strawberry, grape or whatever – you can use that as a valid piece of information to keep the conversation flowing. Just a tip, always come be prepared with all seven flavors in hand and make flavorful moments with Hi Chew.

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