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Sobs drops two music videos and some exciting news


Singaporean indie rock band Sobs has got us all under spell with hit songs from album Catflap. Last March, they visited the Philippines for a youthful gig in Mow’s under Almost Crimes production. With homegrown artists and alternative rock band Subsonic Eye (also signed under Middle Class Cigars), the event flew pretty damn smoothly. By smooth, we mean rowdy mosh pits and hazy visions while varying voices synchronise to the lyrics.

To this day, Sobs remains a coalescent force in the music industry. Last week, they released a music video for dreamy track “Girl,” which pretty much encapsulates what we were talking about. With fans demanding to listen to their upcoming projects, the band reveals they are up and about making new tunes. See the post and music video below.


After teasing us, Sobs dropped another music video for “Telltale Signs” as part of upcoming full-length title album due on June 22. Collating retro and new age, the video feels reminiscent of recent memories; it fills the gap of leaving a part of adolescence while entering a new one. Watch the video below. Pre-order the album here.


Photo by Boris John Garcia



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