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Check out Joee and I’s odd, hauntingly fantastic music video for “WHITE”


There are no words that precisely describe Joee & I‘s music video for “WHITE,” and that’s the beauty of it. As part of To The End Of The World‘s surrealist nature, the directory uses esoteric imagery juxtaposed with local statement objects like the tricycle, fruits, and more. It hits home in a radical, melancholic manner perfectly complimenting the artist’s avant-garde musicality.

Vivacious as she claims and ever-delivers, this renders evident with the use of playful elements in sound which were visually interpreted through the colors and effects. With its foggy alternative take on film, it is quite reminiscent of the literary nonsense masterpiece Alice in Wonderland.

Directed by Jeona Zoleta, filmed by Paul Mondok, and edited by Joee Mejias, enter a mad hatter’s trip below.


Download the song via bandcamp. While you’re here, check out the rest of the album.




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