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Everything you need to know about 2018’s Fête de la Musique

Everything you need to know about 2018’s Fête de la Musique

The annual Fête de la Musique 2018 is every local audiophiles’ version of Christmas. Amassing unique pocket stages, this free-for-all music festival gives us an adventure beyond our Discover Weekly playlists. This June 23 to 30 will literally have everyone jumping from genre to genre.

From your local indie darlings to your untapped love for blues music, Fête has a stage ready for you to mosh into. What’s more exciting this time around is that this could be their biggest year yet.

Prepare for an ear food buffet like no other. This festival has new stages mixed in with old favorites. New ones like Analog and Dream Pop/Shoegaze stages join the lineup, making up the 35+ pocket stages and counting in Makati alone. But if you want the Fete experience far away from the crowded and familiar city, this is your year.

Explore new main stages in provinces such as Laguna and the summer capital Baguio. Fête will also bring French acts into our shores like the all women, electro-pop trio Lady Symphony. And if these array of options got you all torn, fret not for the festival is releasing an app to ease the hassle of navigating through the stages.

A beautiful summary of what the festival is was described once by one of the event’s founders Maurice Fleuret back in 1981. Fête for him is the event that “the music [is] everywhere and the concert nowhere”. Having numerous genre-themed stages across the country for free makes the event worthy of their title as “a day of music.”
Everyone describes music festivals as an experience, but Fete is one of the most inclusive ones out there. This music festival truly has everything for everyone.

Did we get you excited, but puzzled on where to start planning your Fete adventure? No worries. Here are the stages, acts, and schedule for this year’s festival.


MAKATI (June 23, Saturday)

4 pm | Greenbelt 3

Ourselves the Elves, Hansom, Toni B., Bawal Clan x Butta B., The Blue Rats, AFM Speech, She’s Only Sixteen, LUSTBASS x Kat Agarrado, Pedicab, Orange & Lemons, Tarsius x bp valenzuela, and Red-I x Ras Taro

4 pm | A Venue Parking Lot

August Wahh, Baihana, Basically Saturday Night,  Hernandez Brothers x LowLeaf x Planet Zips Philippines, Lady I, Cheats, AFM Speech, Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas x Pochoy Labog, Oh, Flamingo!, Tukar Sinati x Radha, Kjwan, Motherbasss

INTRAMUROS (June 29, Friday)

4 pm | Puerta Real Gardens 

Better Days,  Shirebound & Busking,  Joee & I,  Shamanism, La Loba Negra, Tom’s Story, Apartel, Lady’s Symphony (France), Ebe Dancel, Autotelic, and Sandwich

BAGUIO (June 30, Saturday)

4 pm |Malcolm Square

Turncoats, Mantra X Makina, Camel Hump, Amateurish, Caesar Salcedo, Alan Ceba del Rosario, 10 a.m. Departure, Ang Bandang Shirley, Brass Pas Pas Lite x Kat Agarrado, Tarsius, JCBX, Assembly Generals, Rusty Machines, Dott Seki, and Prymbone x Jethro Sandico (DJ set)

LAGUNA (June 30, Saturday)

Main Stage | Da Pipols Food Park

The Chongkeys, GRT – Gin, Rum, and Truth, Caravan, Noreen, Walk Me Home, VLTR, Kabag, Brutral Tooth Fairy, Massacre, Bare and Loops, Dying Manifesto, Sunken Roots, Strait Jacket, Iron Wings, Mad Irie, and Blank Tapes

Hip-hop Stage (Parking Lot)

Emar Industriya, DB, Gnarrate, Buensa, Embdstdy, Teamfsix, RVRD, Logan na Gulay, Andong, Zantaza, John ray, Gee, Tulala, Heneral Lupa, Laguna Dance Crews


Acoustic Stage | 2 pm | A Space, 110 Legazpi Street, 1229 Makati

Blues – Soul – Funk Stage | 2 pm | H&J Sports Bar, Felipe Street, 1200 Makati 

Flippin SOUL Stompers, Kat Agarrado, Toni B., Cosmic Love, Banna Harbera, Conscious & The Goodness, Farewell Fair Weather, Rob & The Hitmen, The Cosmic Misfits, Mang Groove, The General Strike, Bita and the Botflies
The Big Beer Dippers, Kosmikskala, Ian Lofamia Band, Jensen and The Flips, Ian Masaga & D’ Asylum Doctrates

The Bedroom Beats Stage| 4 pm |Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen

Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen

システム FAIRY (Anime Groove), hands (Queer House, Soul, Rap), limsum (House/Eclectic), Pamcy (House)
crwn (Electronic, Soul, Hip-Hop, Chill), Meh Shua (Kawaii / Happy Hardcore / Future Funk)
youngsleepyboi (Future Funk, Vaporwave, Lofi Hiphop), Ayon (Open Minded), pillow talk (Introverted Dance Music)


ビクター MKII (Lofi Hip-Hop), Lui (Lofi Hip-Hop), 「 justo 」 (Hip-Hop / Beats), Joey Santos (Electronic / Dance), LONER (Electronic / Indie), Olympía (R&B) and Aries (Ambient), Jason Dhakal & Jaime San Juan – dot.jaime (R&B / Soul / Electronic), BEDSPACER (Ambient Electronic / Experimental Pop), thrones. (Electronic / Hip-Hop / Trap-Soul), Nights of Rizal (Post-Disco / Chillwave / House / UK bass), LUSTBASS (R&B / Jazz / Soul)
Pure Mind Quiet Heart (Food Trap), U-Pistol and Moon Mask (Electronic Pop / House), TheBGNR (Hip-Hop / Funk / Disco), Washere (Cringe Rap), skymarines (Electronic / Pop)

YOI (backroom)

spaaawn, santelmo (Ambient / Electronic / Downtempo), Jp Hill (Electronic), Mocksmile (Deadbeat Hip-Hop / Bass / Anti-futurism), J LVL (Juke / Bass / Chiptune), Shape/Shift (Electronic / Ambient), $udo (Experimental Improvisation), Chinese Plastic Toys (Experimental / Noise / Ambient), LIKE ANIMALS (Lofi / Experimental / Glitch Hop), skinxbones (Depression / Dark Electronic / Dark Ambient), Similarobjects (IDM / Glitch / Ambient / Abstract), vvvv (Techno / Dance / Electronic), Floating Sound Nation (Left-field House/Ambient/Hip-Hop)Maldoror (Noise / Experimental), Escuri (IDM / Environmental Sound Collage / Glitch), Teenage Granny (Experimental Pop / Eclectic)

Bonggapalooza Stage | 8 pm | Arkipelago

Shotgun Combo, GRT – Gin Rum and Truth, MAY, Audiosundae, Black Wolf Gypsies Music, Calle Onse, Clubhouse PH, Dehydrated Patatas, PULSERAº, Erectus, Kodigo PH, Madeline PH, PusaKalye, Whiskey Version, Fiona and Hey Moonshine

Boom Bap Stage | 8 pm | Boogie Manila

Boogie Houser DJ, Butta B, Escapone, Funkatalyst, JayRu, and Jazzy Jesus

Dream Pop Shoegaze Stage | 2 pm | WOKby 4900

GYHT, Identifkit, Insektlife Cycle, July XIV, Last Great Auks, Megumi Acorda, Monochrome, Narcloudia, Pastilan Dong!, PNZR, Rave Tapes, Sanchez, Soft Pillow Kisses, Space Onigiri, Strange Creatures, The, Unmute, We Are Imaginary, and Yurei

Electronica Stage |4 pm | TIME in Manila, 7840 Makati Avenue, 1200 Makati

Main Room – House and Techno
Muk B2B Randy Salvador, Arlyn Muñoz B2B Raphael Carbonell, Herb Cabral B2B Peps Laviña, Mica B2B Marts Ballesca, Coox B2B Jason Soong, Emel Rowe B2B Owens Sun, Alinep B2B Martin Lugtu, Close Sky Dominique B2B John Calderonm Mr. Marcus on percussion.

Roof Deck – Beats, Bass and Beyond
Benj Orcino, Nights of Rizal, Roman Torosky, For You Insidious, Ada Dub, #Illka, Br3akingsilence, Evo Evolver, and Gabby Z

End Stage @ DULO MNL

Shamanism, Bagong Luto, Dayaw,  Reklamo, Coco Jam, Assembly Generals, ManilaAnimaL, SBTNE, Boogie B, and VT

Extreme Metal Stage | 2 pm | Viber888

Apostate PH, Babaylan, Badburn, Bloodshedd Pilipinas, BRUTAL PUNISHMENT PHILIPPINES, Deepsleep, Defy Thy Lore, Funeral Frost, Goremitory, Hampaslupa, ISCARIOT, Olivia’s Curse, Pathogen (PH), Penetralia, Psywar
Pulverized PH, Resurrectedm, Sagrado, Saipek, SUPREMO PH, and Vassago

Freshman Night | 9 pm | Saguijo Cafe + Bar

One Click Straight, Rusty Machinesm, Bita and the Botflies, Ysanygo, BOPEK, and Any Name’s Okay

Fringe Stage | 7 pm | Plaza Cristo Rey

Nar Cabico, Hansom, Hans Dimayuga, Nica del Rosario, Orgazzmo, Zsaris, and Burlesque PH.

Groove Stage | 6 pm | NoKal

Marie Garcia, Arnel Genterone, John Monreal, Abdel Aziz, and Bombi Balquiedra

Grunge Stage | 4 pm | Mang Rudy’s 

Save The Prophet-stp, Monkey no Hero, Kadena, Talaarawan, The Sub, Arachnida, Riff@pips, Nevermind, Diesel
Moonburn, Cancer city, Lestercanon, Monster Lollipop, Kundiman electric, Stonedcigars, Spoke nipple, and The Pools

House Party Stage | 10 pm | Black Market, Warehouse 5, La Fuerza Compound 2, Sabio St, Makati

XIII, Ize, Okik, Jess Milner, Galo Marquez, Platon

Chad Umali, CC, TCa$h, TZ, Yung Bawal & Pope Fiction, and Cedez

Those Girls, Eduardo/Christi, Asela x Karlo V x Xtina Superstar, Boy Kills Robot, Joey Santos, Zerzac

Indie Stage| 2 pm| Axon @ Green Sun, 2285 Chine Roces Avenue (Pasong Tamo Ext.), 1231 Makati

The Ransom Collective, Ube Music, Asch, Dayaw, Clara Benin, Conscious & The Goodness, Cheats, Orange & Lemons, Ysanygo, The Ridleys, Munimuni, Shirebound and Busking, Ourselves the Elves, Farewell Fair Weather, Oh, Flamingo!, Never the Strangers, Blind Stereo Moon, Nathan & Mercury, Dream Carousel, Lions and Acrobats, Ang Bandang Shirley, Flying Ipis, The Metro Fantastic, and Mayonnaise

Jardin de Fleur | 9 pm | Bugsy’s Makati

Arrjae Puno, Deej Diaz, Kazwal, Inan Perillo, MGCBLLT, Tien, Dancing Diva, Eva, and Lady Gagita

Jazz Stage | Sage Bar, Shangri-La Makati | 8 pm

LaHaVi, Nicole Tejedor & Paolo Cortez, Debonair District, and Henry Katinidig, Colby de la Calzada & Patrick Cuartero.

Diva/Jazz Fusion | St. Giles

Henry Katindig, Colby De La Calzada, Lawrence Nolan, Tria Bascon, Moreno Donadel, Rito, Megan Herrera, Sandra Viray, Cheryl Santaromana, Kt Mas Ritmo Tropical, and Johnny Alegre With Chillitees

Mt. Zion Stage | 4:20 pm | Puro Vida Manila

JM Ouiblat, DJ Ada Dub, Hempwise, Sure Vibe, Coffeebreak Island, The Oemons, Jeck Pilpil and Peace Pipe, DJ Michael Berth with MC MO, and DJ Reiz

New Jazz Stage | 4 pm | Poblacion Ruins

Noli Aurillo, Marga Jayy, Four Corners, Project Yazz, Trifectam, Ryan Villamor Trio, Project 201Bigband, Extrapolation, Debonair District, Brass Rosettes, and Jazz UP

New Wave Stage| 3 pm| The Woodman’s Head

Line up TBA.

Nu-Disco/Indie Electro Stage | 7 pm | The Belle & Dragon

Vapors, Rei Ka, Gino Yulo, DJXAW x Major Chie, Nomoclassiq x Jess Millner, JAVIER, Manila Animal x Giangbang, DJ Euric, and Abdel Aziz.

OPM Stage | 8 pm | Cabin 420 Bar and Bistro

Join The Club, Veronica & I, Volts Vallejo, Hans Dimayuga, Issa Rodriguez, Rox Puno, and Kai Atienza

Pinoy Pop Stage | 8 pm |8065 Bagnet, Estrella St.

Approaching Zero, We Are Imaginary, Eloisa, Antimano, PusaKalye, Pop U, Soil & Green, Jana Garcia, and Jose at Musika

Post-Rock/Math Rock Stage | 3 pm | Acceler8 Coworking

AOUI, Fools and Foes, Luncheon, The Ringmaster (Francis Lorenzo), Run Dorothy, shaw, Stomachine
Tarsius, tide/edit, Tom’s Story and Trippy Oh!, Twin Lobster

Punk Stage| 5 pm |Zibangs Bar and Grill House

Philippine Violators, Deadsperm, Deceased, The Republicans, Hazmat, Bonifacio Republic, All Your Hero, Kromp,. Southern Lads, Bad Ammunition, Long Time No See, Double Barrel, Red Mean Stop, and Isidro Project

Purple Stage | Skinny Mike’s Sports Bar

Marcus Highway, The Play Fountains, Monolog, Noodleburger, MyXgf, Koi, Migo, Roadizz, Zipcode, Rice Lucido, Fet Project, Arglas, and Syd Hartha

RnB Stage|  Z Hostel, 5660 Don Pedro St. Makati

Cherry Malaya, Chillitees, Marga Jayy, Jazze Manuel, Bobby Skyz, Muri, Josh Adornado, Ralph Padiernos, and Stephanie Ro

Ska Stage | 4 pm | Alchemy Bistro Bar

Todo Pasa, Neighbors, Dandimites, Mobster Manila, Rocket Punch, The Upbeats Ska, Steady Movin Beat, and The Orange St.

Sideshow Stage| 7 pm | XX XX

Low Leaf (live),  Babani Records (DJ set), Picanté Boys, The Grrs, Ed Croix, Tarantella, Major Chie, Bad Girls (Julianna Force x Karla), Shallah Montero, Jennifer Mizzi, Ninyo x Meme, Jav/ x Mikko Santos, Myless, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Afamkilla (Dax Carnay), Dave Ruff, Brando, Red-i x Bins, Quark Henares, Mulan, and Bruder

Spoken Word Stage| Acceler8

Resident poets of Words Anonymous

UNKNWN Stage | 4 pm | The Social on Ebro

Basically Saturday Night (live), Hernandez Brothers (live), Badkiss, Bruder, Ayon, Tisha, and Bins

Warner Music Stage | 5 pm | Social House

Warner Music PH artists and Magic Manila

World Stage | 6 pm | Taqueria Seta 

Drummers Journey, Pangayaw, Alpas, Pawikan, Himig Malaya, Manila Sky, Lumayag, Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community, Talahib People’s Music, Dayaw, and Lumad artists

To know more and plan your Fête experience this year, visit their Facebook page for more details.

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