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Tito Sotto doesn’t know how the internet works

Tito Sotto doesn’t know how the internet works

It’s happened before, and to nobody’s surprise, it’s happening again: one of the Philippines’ most outspoken sexists seated in a public position adds more disgrace to his name. Tito Sotto requested to take down articles detailing the rape allegations which tag him. We know it’s been reported too many times, but hearing about the predator’s guts to request the removal of Pepsi Paloma articles irks all of us. Scratch that, irk is too weak a word. It angers us.

While Inquirer.NET has yet to decide on his request, many expressed their retaliations on the issue, which we think are about right. These are some who branded this act as censorship:

On top of that, Tito Sotto dares to use politics for his personal issues, which reveals nothing but his ludicrous desperation. He so badly wants to censor the freedom of the press to the extent of power playing.

Some took preliminary measures by transcribing the article on Twitter in case the predator is granted his request. Here are some links you can save as proof, and access if the future is bleak.

Of course, there are those who took humor as an outlet, which makes Tito Sotto look more ridiculous than he already is. It is both comedic and depressing to see that the Philippines’ Senate President is as crude as this.

At the end of the day, a predator strikes again by abusing his power to censor the freedom of the press to write, the citizens to speculate, and women to speak up. Although this is not surprising with so many controversies revolving his name, it still unfailingly triggers us to see a politician do such things–all after the rape of Pepsi Paloma. So here are some words to him: Not today, Tito Sotto, not anymore.

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